Resting the Team 80cm x 40cm
Big Day at Birdsville 60 x 30
Barcy Starter 24cm x 19cm
At the Birdsville Races 40cm x 80cm
Birdsville Blokes
Beach Days 60cm x 60cm
Summer Days 25cm x 20cm
Beach Capers 25cm x 20cm
383 Beach Kids 25cm x 20cm
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Oil Paintings
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Sizes refer to IMAGE sizes (not framed sizes)
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346. "Barcy Starter"
24cm x19cm
Oil on canvas
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All Artworks Copyright © Geoff L. McKenzie 2016
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283. "A Bush Stroll"
20cm x 25cm
Oil on Canvas
369."Birdsville Blokes"
29cm x 59cm
Oil on Canvas
310. "Birdsville Races 3"
28cm x18cm
Oil on Canvas
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