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Allison Shaw

Hinterland Tranquillity
148. "Hinterland Tranquillity" Oil 64.5cm x 49.5cm
Mountain Bushland
17."Mountain Bushland" Oil 51cm x 45.5cm
Outback Creek
133."Outback Creek" Oil 35.5cm x 25cm
Glasshouse Panorama
1." Glasshouse Panorama" Oil 85cm x 45.5cm
Ronda's Old Quarter
4. "Ronda's Old Quarter" Oil 40cm x 45.5cm
Tranquil Creek
125. " Tranquil Creek" Oil 29cm x 23cm
Tranquil Morn - Swans
27. "The River Bend" Oil 29cm x 23cm
Outback Reflections
132" Outback Reflections" Oil 61cm x 45.5cm
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