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Peaceful Lagoon

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Allison Shaw

Lord of the Lagoon
147. " Lord of the Lagoon" Oil 81cm x 70cm
Ronda Tajo
6." The Ronda Tajo" Oil 42cm x 33cm
Jacaranda Time
136." Jacaranda Time" Oil 23cm x 29cm
Kimberley Lagoon
138." Kimberley Lagoon" Oil 45.5cm x 61cm
Lily Lagoon 2
88." Lily Lagoon 2" Oil 29cm x 23cm
Bush Morning
29." Bush Morning" Oil 33cm x 43cm
Misty Morning
36. "Misty Morning" Oil 57cm x 43cm
Fitzroy River
142. "Fitzroy River" Oil 28cm x 22cm
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