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Geoff L. McKenzie 

To all my friends and galleries - and those who have been following my progress for the last 55 years or so.
Some time back I messaged that my sight was deteriorating and I was unable to produce detail in my painting. Now my situation is that I am unable to paint at all so that's it! I have a large painting on my easel - it is definitely my last. I am stuck and I don't think I can finish it.
This has led Allison and I to the decision to retire..Our paintings at the studio and those in storage, amounting to quite a large number are all offered to you at half price to clear all our stock.
 If you see anything you like on our website please email or phone.

Thank you for your support over the years,
Geoff Mc. 2023


Tapestry of Life
811."G'Day, Mate" Oil. 60cm x 60cm   

Tapestry of Life
40. "Tapestry of Life" Oil 120cm x 120cm   

hard race, birdsville
609. "Hard Race, Birdsville" Oil 60cm x 60cm  


Placeholder Picture
813."Two Mates" Oil. 30cm x 30cm     

In Dust and Heat
536 "In Dust and Heat (Henry Lawson)" Oil 60cm x 60cm    

Tapestry of Life
55. "Easy Going" Oil 27cm x 21cm
passing by
812. "Passing By". Oil 30cm x 30cm   

Ride a Good Race
548."Ride a Good Race" Oil 76cm x 60cm    

Barcy Races
701. "Barcy Races" Oil 66cm x 38cm