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Geoff L. McKenzie 


Tapestry of Life
811."G'Day, Mate" Oil. 60cm x 60cm   

Tapestry of Life
40. "Tapestry of Life" Oil 120cm x 120cm   

hard race, birdsville
609. "Hard Race, Birdsville" Oil 60cm x 60cm  


Placeholder Picture
813."Two Mates" Oil. 30cm x 30cm     

In Dust and Heat
536 "In Dust and Heat (Henry Lawson)" Oil 60cm x 60cm    

Tapestry of Life
55. "Easy Going" Oil 27cm x 21cm
passing by
812. "Passing By". Oil 30cm x 30cm   

Ride a Good Race
548."Ride a Good Race" Oil 76cm x 60cm    

Barcy Races
701. "Barcy Races" Oil 66cm x 38cm