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Geoff L. McKenzie 

Another Day
814. "Another Day" Oil 30cm x 30cm     

Poppies of Tuscany
393."Poppies of Tuscany" Oil 60cm x 60cm    

Taking a Break 2
819. "Taking a Break 2" 60cm x 60cm   

Moving On
805. "Moving On" Oil 60cm x 60cm     


Doini Isle- PNG
583. "Doini Isle - PNG" Oil 91cm x 91cm     

A bit of Cricket
335. "The Jockey's Instructions" Oil 60cm x 60cm    

Heat and Dust, Barky
524. "Heat and Dust -Barky" Oil 90cm x 90cm    

Birdsville Days
514" Birdsville Days" Oil 60cm x 60cm
He"s Looking Good, Bill
553. "He's Looking Good, Bill" Oil 90cm x90cm      

Andy's Return
535." Andy's Return" - from Henry Lawson" Oil 60cm x 60cm